İstanbul Copyright Awards

“İstanbul Copyright Awards” is organized by Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society, with the support of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Governorate of İstanbul.


Evaluation Board



Evaluation committee consists of people who were determined by Coordination Board of Istanbul Publishing Fellowship and approved by Board Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society. The Evaluation Committee will start their assignment upon the approval of Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society. If face-to-face meetings constitute risks associated with COVID-19 pandemic, the Evaluation Committee will meet online on the date of final evaluation.

The Evaluation Committee will operate in full independency and neutrality in making their final decision.

The head of the Evaluation Committee, like other members of the Evaluation Committee, will cast one vote. The voting will be secret, and the winner will be determined through majority of the votes.

The decision of the Evaluation Committee will be deemed final, and no secondary round of evaluation will be held in the event of complaints. The Evaluation Committee will communicate its decision to the Head of İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Coordination Board together with a justification of the selection.

The Evaluation Committee shall operate on a voluntary basis, and no member of the Evaluation Committee shall request a per diem. The Evaluation Committee may decide to reward no competitor. Such decisions shall only be binding for that specific year.

  • Küçük Çamlıca Mah, Şekerkaya Sokak, No: 9/A
  • +90 553 078 16 64
  • info@copyrightawards.istanbul
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