İstanbul Copyright Awards

"İstanbul Copyright Awards" is coordinated by the Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licensing Society (TBYM) and organized by Introtema Agency.





This year's awards will not involve a formal participation process. Instead, winners will be selected directly by the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Coordination Committee based on their own research and evaluation of eligible foreign publishing houses.

Eligible foreign publishing houses must have translated and published copyrighted Turkish titles within the past 5 years, with headquarters located outside Türkiye. There are no restrictions on the genre or number of Turkish titles translated by a participating publishing house.

The Evaluation Committee, members of the Board of Directors of Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licensing Society, their representatives, and first-degree relatives are ineligible to participate.

The Evaluation Committee will ensure that the copyright of the translated titles is cleared by the publishing house. Titles containing racist, sexist, pro-terror, or criminal content are not eligible for consideration.

Participants found to have forged ownership of the financial rights of a title will be disqualified.
Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licensing Society reserves the right to change the conditions of the competition through prior announcement on its website.


The competitors will be evaluated based on several qualitative and
quantitative criteria including how many books an applicant publishing house translated from Turkish as well as:
• ISBN information
• Number of copies
• Promotion and visibility of the publication,
• The quality of translation,
• Number of pages,
• Physical characteristics of the book (cover page, binding, paper
• All national and international news stories on the book(s) including articles, cultural supplements, book supplements, etc.
• Panels, conferences, talks, autograph sessions, seminars,
• Social media campaigns,
• Author’s conferences,
• Whether the book is listed in library collections,
• Ratios of distribution and sales.

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